Sunday, May 12, 2013

Getting fit and healthy

Horton Bubblegum
                                              photo credit: Dan4th via photopin cc

After being sick, going to the doctor, and trying different remedies, we found some time to talk about something very important if you do want to be healthy: sports. We first started walking around and finding out how our peers were connected to practicing sports or just passively watching games on TV. Some of us are just crazy about sports while others think sports are really boring.

After that conversation, we moved on to see which sports were played, done, or performed (using the verb “to do”). In this activity, you gave a valuable contribution writing names of extreme sports such as hang gliding and parachuting among others.

Once we explored the world of sports, we moved on to see some equipment used to practice some sports. After that, we read a text with some interesting anecdotes about the Olympic games, which will be taking place in our country in 2016. 

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