Tuesday, April 16, 2013

At Home - Animals and How Much We Know About Them

...non fidarsi è meglio - my scared cat / gatto

In our first class this week we continued to explore our homes. Now we moved a bit away from our cities, official residencies, and luxuries palaces to take a look into our backyards. We decided to delve into the world of animals and more specifically our pets and domesticated animals that inhabit our surroundings.

 We started with a general view of the morphology of some animals big and small, but very interesting and most of them familiar to us. After learning how to name some animal features in English, we moved on to talk about the pets we had as children. In my childhood I had a great variety of pets because I spent most of my infancy in farms. So, I had cats, dogs, goats, and even chicken. It was good to hear you share your experiences with your pets with your classmates.You also mentioned very funny names of cats and dogs. Some people do names their dogs and cats after people.

 After chatting about our pets, we moved on to explore the world of cats through a short history of this fascinating animal and some interesting stories of some cats around the world. I think you really liked to know that cats have been around us for so long (9,000 years). One of my passions is archaeology. I am always amazed by reports of how animals and plants were domesticated by our ancestors.

 After reading these stories you had a chance of sharing similar ones with your classmates. Well, being so urban you probably do not have so many pet stories to share, but it is always worth doing some archaeological work on your memories. I hope you guys enjoyed the journey that was so close to your homes.

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