Monday, April 22, 2013

Finally Traveling

toronto city hall
                                            photo credit: paul bica via photopin cc

It seems that now, at least in our learning journey, we went a bit further from home. After exploring some of the possibilities and consequences for our travel plans, we moved into the real thing: the subject of tourism and traveling. We first explored images of a variety of destinations through pictures and conversations. We also saw how varied people’s tastes when it concerns traveling can be when some of you came across things such as medical and disaster tourism. Culinary tourism seems kind of fun, especially for a person that only knows how to make chocolate chip cookies like me. By the way, he is the  Cookies Recipe some of have been asking for.

Since we were not really having the pleasure of really going to the wonderful destinations we would like to, we explored unreal conditionals and saw how we can talk about imaginary situations. It was nice to walk around and see your reactions to all those unreal scenarios we explored in the books and in the conversations that you had with your classmates.

To wrap up, we saw a video on how cheap travel began. I don’t know about you, but I would really travel more often if it weren’t so expensive. Well, I just hope you continue learning English and use your knowledge to make connections and explore the world. 


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  2. Oh, yeah. It is truth. In my opinion, traveling is a great thing to make, especially when it is somewhere that we really would like to go. If it was cheap, the people would travel more and more because a lot of people like to travel and to visit different places, to eat different food and the best part of it all - to meet new people and to know their culture.

  3. Hi Erivelton,
    Yes, it is too bad that traveling is so expensive. We would go to so many more places if it were like that.