Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Lock Ness and Monster and Our Next Writing Task

Well, we had a nice meeting last class. I found it nice because we discovered lots of important information about many places. First, while we worked on passive voice we surfed through bits of history and stories about some buildings a around the world such as the Petronas Towers in Malaysia and the Buj Al Arab in Dubai. We also talked a bit about the Loch Ness Monster as an introduction to see a short snippet of the Water Horse (a nice fictional story about the monster). The Lock Ness (oops, Pacific Ocean) Monster? Later we exchanged advice on our favorite and less favorite places in Brasilia. Right after that, we read a nice e-mail of a girl talking about her little old town in Slovakia. While we read this we corrected some mistakes in her e-mail and prepared to write our next composition. The topic this time is sure one that you have lots of information about: our city Brasilia. One of our blogging partners, Ivona from from Croatia, wrote a nice post about her city that coincidentally is the same region and might serve as an inspiration for you to write yours. While doing this remember to use passive voice to talk about some of the features in our city and avoid making the mistakes she did while doing her task, but if you do, you know I will point them out and give you chance for correcting them on your second draft. Entardecer na ponte So, I am looking forward to seeing you at the oral test and also to reading your written report on Brasilia and what it has to offer to tourists and to its population. Let's see how you guys tame the monster of writing. Photo credits: kw.traveller via photopin cc Zanini H. via photopin cc

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