Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getting Sick and Getting Better

Lemon tea for colds
 Getting sick is a subject that is very different from the one we have been talking about (traveling). It is one of those things that we would rather talk about than experiencing. So, in our first class of the week we did exactly that: talked about getting sick and getting better. We started our class by surveying our classmates on colds and what they (or their mothers) do to fight them. We did discover some different ways of fighting back if we succumb to the cold virus. This lesson seems very timely once the cold vaccination campaign is at full speed. Cold is a common disease and we all had lots of cold facts to share: some history on the colds we have had and the remedies we use to battle them. Once we shared our knowledge on colds, it was time to make some discoveries. It is always interesting learning like this: contributing with what we know, and right after that, learning something else. Therefore, we learned some very interesting facts about the common cold. Among these facts, I found interesting to discover that there about two hundred viruses that can cause colds. I really thought there were fewer. This might be one of the reasons why we still have colds: too many viruses to kill.
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 After suggesting remedies and being amazed by the numbers for the common cold, we moved on to talk about common symptoms of not only colds, but other health problems. At this point we learned how to show concern if something is wrong with those around us and describe our symptoms to a doctor or a friend if we need to. After that we discovered some other ways of treating health problems. We wrapped up by learning how to give advice and sharing the knowledge we have on home remedies to fight sore throats and other common diseases. Well, just hope you guys do not have to try on the remedies we discovered for a long time. Getting sick is one of the worst that can happen to us, isn’t it?

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